Learning Day: Lydia Bugg’s Mancavin’ Redux

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7 replies on “Learning Day: Lydia Bugg’s Mancavin’ Redux”

Proofreading is for women. You can’t expect those manly, manly penis-havers to spell “faux” correctly.

I’ve got some wood pieces we used for table tops during the garage sale, later I’m going to see if it’s at all possible to even balance something on top of your tits and knees at the same time. Wish me luck Lydia!

“Hey Honey, if you need me I’ll be in the closet…uh, cave. I meant cave. Definitely not in the closet! I’ll be in the cave avoiding women and celebrating hypermasculine things. Not a closet!”

I’m so proud of myself for swimming fast enough against the hotdog river that I’ve finally reached articles where comments are enabled.

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