Learning Day: UCSB’s Self-Published Dorm

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5 replies on “Learning Day: UCSB’s Self-Published Dorm”

If a dude has such intense problems with windows, I will always just assume that they have terrible balls and are horrified at the idea that anyone might see them.

I assume this asshole has replaced all of the dumb real windows in his mansion with these obviously superior “Disney-inspired” fake windows. Almost definitely, right?

“Munger Hall is slated for construction thanks to a $200 million donation”

The UCSB student paper did some great digging, and found out the creep hasn’t even written a check or signed a contract! The college chancellor signed off on a deal with a 99 year old without getting any guarantee what would happen if he kicks the bucket. But to be fair, he could live longer than the average 99 year old. Plenty of time to amend that will.

It gets even worse –he’s only vaguely promised 10% of the cost estimate, leaving the school on the hook for digging up another 90% if it stays in budget, and it’s already behind schedule.

And, there was already a plan in place for student housing that had been developed over years of studies, which involved such niceties as community and student input and, uh windows.

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