Learning Day: American Presidents Children’s Books

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4 replies on “Learning Day: American Presidents Children’s Books”

There’s a timeline that exists where I got a job as a graphic designer for Bellweather Media (really! I had an in-person interview with them for the position, since they’re based in the Twin Cities! But didn’t get a call-back), and a splintering timeline from that where I’d be responsible for designing and laying out this. Mind boggling.

I’m 90% sure I’ve seen these at the library I work at. Might have been the Obama one though. But yeah. Libraries and schools are probably more their target than Amazon sadly.

…Wonder if I should send this article to the Youth Literacy department to see if they’ll stop buying them. 😛

“vocabulary-learnin’ goals”
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The two reviews are presented as “one from either side”, but I get the feeling that one is a right-winger mad at that book, and the other is a right-winger mad at that other book.

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