Podcasting Day: Standing Strong Forever with Dan McQuade 🌭

We sometimes do a bit here at 1900🌭’s Dogg Zzone 9000 where we invite talented and brilliant guests onto the show and then spend an hour talking about just the dumbest shit. And I’m sure that’s what it looks like today, where Defector‘s Dan McQuade joins us to talk abou– wait, hold on. Stop reading and listen to the first twenty minutes of the podcast. See if you can guess the topic! Do it here, or wherever you get podcasts!

You would have never guessed the 1987 film, Mannequin. Except someone did! We posted that audio last week and dared everyone to email their guesses to Dan and the sixth person got it right. Fucking how!? Is every sixth person a wizard?

Anyway, we set out to talk about the insane series of Hollywood decisions leading to it, but it turns out all three of us have a sincere personal connection with Mannequin. The movie links us together like an Egyptian Forrest Timegump to a Philadelphia department store mannequin, and like it has done so many times before, it helped three people fall in love. This is a very, very special episode.

Seanbaby commissioned this MVB poster for his wife for Valentine’s Day because a lot of the cursed art in his home is his fault. Speaking of cursed art, hero-level supporters on our Patreon can listen to a bonus podcast where Sean reads from a nightmare book called Hip Hop for Dogs. Scream along as Dan researches it in real time to discover increasingly troubling facts about it. It’s incredible and I’d say more, but someone looked at me and I’m turning back into a mannequ

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I was VERY smug about my guess in the podcast topic contest, and I’ve been humbled. Also, Sean removed his mohawk? On Valentine’s Day, of all days?! I’m not sure the poster makes up for that.

Damnit, I got as close as “something incidental in those stores they mentioned…”, which means this riddle game was right over the plate. Well done and fuck you.

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