Podcasting Day: The Barbarian Game DLC with Katie Goldin 🌭

Katie Goldin is an animal expert, and her show Creature Feature is a kind-hearted, funny look at nature’s many mistakes. Those are our words, she would never call them that. She’s also the new co-host of the Maximum Fun podcast Secretly Incredibly Fascinating, our secretly incredibly favorite podcast created by Hot Dog’s own Alex Schmidt. So knowing two things about Katie Goldin – that she’s a professional animal lover, and an intelligent person obsessed with the little things – we walrus noised in her face until she hid in a cabinet. This podcast is not about animals and little things, it’s about huge humans and how to become them. Katie Goldin is your final Barbarian Brother in the very last Barbarian Game, somehow still the only podcast improv game based on the movies of 1980s bodybuilding twins!

We’ve already forced our favorite authors, filmmakers, comedians, and chaos pixies to roleplay every Barbarian Brothers movie. Today we’ll be taking on the Brothers’ other appearances, like their stints on Japanese variety shows…

The time they brought a bodybuilding dog on Regis…

When Knight Rider tricked them into electrocuting each other…

Their deleted scene from Natural Born Killers, the movie infamous for being overly indulgent, incoherent, rambling, and obscene…. and they still managed to get cut from it.

And of course their music video for “I’m a Wild One,” which they spelled wrong on the title card.

Patrons at our $5 tier get a bonus episode every single week. This time Katie Goldin and Seanbaby get their character sheets for Brothers and Barbarians, somehow still the only TTRPG that lets- that demands you play as a Barbarian Brother! They’re hurled into a dimension-hopping one shot where they’ll have to defeat KITT, Regis, their own legless selves, a superpowered chimpanzee of their own creation, and of course, TV’s Richard Kiel. 

Not enough content? Well, listen to the intro for next week’s podcast and take part in our first ever Dogg Zzone 9000 contest: “What The Fuck Are You All Talking About?” The rules are right there in the title. If you can guess, based on the rambling first twenty minutes of our podcast, what that podcast could possibly be about, you win a T-shirt from our guest: Defector’s Dan McQuade

Still not enough content? Well… fuck you then!

2 replies on “Podcasting Day: The Barbarian Game DLC with Katie Goldin 🌭”

I don’t know how you want these podcast contest entries to be submitted, but I am too lazy to do it any way other than this. My guess, considering that the guest is a sportswriter, is that it’s the podcast covering the Cleveland Brown’s little person / dog alien odyssey of a Super Bowl Shuffle rip-off. “Mars Needs Snoopies” or whatever the fuck it’s called.

Your reveal of the Natural Born Killers/Barbarian Brothers colab has given me new, unexpected life.

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