Nerding Day: Mary Kate and Ashley in Action – Fast Food Fight!

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3 replies on “Nerding Day: Mary Kate and Ashley in Action – Fast Food Fight!”

Interesting tidbit: Terry was loosely based on Olivier Sarkozy and the SCUBA suit was a nod to Sarkozy’s famous habit of skinning eels and draping them all over himself.

[deleted discussion of demographics of early-oughts video-store customers who rented Ashley and Mary Kate videos because it was a bummer]

Alright, one of the images here has led me to what may be a realization which I outright refuse to research. Did the animators draw their breasts differently to go with their different hairstyles? The last inline image has me concerned that that may be the case.

The crazy thing about how content mills work is that there must have been ten or twenty Mary Kate and Ashley Units of Content that went into development for every one of these visible Units of Content that still exist.

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