Podcasting Day: Shaolin Dolemite with Zak Koonce šŸŒ­

It’s Dogg Zzone 9000 Day, the day where all pods cast dog. This episode we are talking to Zak Koonce, one half of the Auralnauts, to make sense of the 1999 tornado of human insanity, Shaolin Dolemite. It’s 120 minutes of twice-dubbed kung fu glued to 40 seconds of almost-dubbed Rudy Ray Moore noises, but don’t let that trick you into thinking it’s not amazing. It is the most wonderful collection of mistakes, the distant echo of violent madness, and you can listen here. Or wherever, it’s a podcast.

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Podcast illustrated by Brett Ellefson

7 replies on “Podcasting Day: Shaolin Dolemite with Zak Koonce šŸŒ­”

I almost did a spit-take when a question about Rudy Ray Moore came up in the Jeopardy masters’ tournament tonight. That feels too weird to be coincidence.

I read this to my parents and they insisted on me finding the movie to watch it. So we’re watching it now. Too much Shaw Brothers and Rudy Ray Moore on El Ray network.

All El Rey showed was awesome kung fu and kaiju movies, 80s action shows, and Lucha Underground. It was maybe the channel most geared to my tastes there has ever been and its death has rendered me hapless to the evils of the world.

Another great cast. I remember burrowing ninjas bugs bunny style from movies they used to show on Saturday mornings?? I also remember ninjas climbing trees rapidly scuttling up and down (head first going down as well) like video game characters just slightly shimmying their arms and legs. Anyone else see that? Iā€™m a old head 80ā€™s kid.

Brockway sounds like a guy with a long neck and a prominent adam’s apple. I briefly saw a picture once. He had a big old timey beard, a man born out of time. His neck, like Kristen Shaal’s face, or Jon Lovitz’s physique, or Conan O’Brian’s voice seems as though it belongs to an earlier era. Brockway’s weird neck…I think about this a lot.

Do you have a cameo account? If so, I would pay good money to have you to dress up like a prospector, shout “There’s gold in them thar hills! GOLD! GOOOOOOOOOLDDD!!!”, followed by some light yodeling whilst doing a happy little dance. But, to be fair, I guess I should ask if you have an Onlyfans, as this would absolutely be for my very personal gratification. Anyway, how about 40 dollars and a handful of pocket-warmed 100 mg gummies? Think about it.

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