Punching Day: Man Comics for Jungle Ladies 🌭

The jungle bends to no law save one: Man! In this issue of Man Comics, the moist savagery of the jungle meets the savage moistness of man for the wettest impact! Can you sense what’s coming? The jungle can, for what is coming is MAN!

This article was brought to you by our fine sponsor and Hot Dog Supreme: Spotty Reception, who has never provably crashed a hippo.

5 replies on “Punching Day: Man Comics for Jungle Ladies 🌭”

man comics is one of the best things on the internet. It makes such a fucking bitch ass knife nerd out of me

I’m in love with Disaster Darcy. But her skirt keeps changing into shorts and back again, so it probably wouldn’t work.

This was a silk purse. I’m grateful for Seanbaby’s work on the sow’s ear it started out as.

Sean Connery’s corpse jumped out from his grave thanks to the power of his massive erection after seeing Disaster Darcy get conked over and over.

How’d’it get burned!? How’d’it get burned? I’ll bet there’s a good reason, but after all the visuals that made it to the final article it had to be…. good? No, not the right word. I feel like a jerk for even suggesting it. But, wow.

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