Upsetting Day: Orson Scott Card’s Lost Boys

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6 replies on “Upsetting Day: Orson Scott Card’s Lost Boys”

Oh god, this book. I was way into Ender’s Game when I was like 10, and this was the book I picked up after reading the trilogy. I still remember the stupid ‘octopi’ scene – I think I gave up on the book pretty soon after.

Are we sure that this isn’t like “American Psycho” and we’re supposed to realize that the protagonist is a maniac and everything he stands for a lie?

One of the first things Ender does in Ender’s game is kick a kid who was bullying him to death. At the time and reading the following books, I interpreted that his callous overreactions to slights was a character flaw that he was to overcome. It now seems like Card just genuinely wants to murder anyone who slights him in the slightest.

This was incredible. I knew he was a shitty loon, but the depths of pettiness he uses to paint his self-portrait of narcissism and martyrdom is stunning.

In essence, Brother Card has got Sorbobrain. He had a stroke in 2011, and just went of the fucking deep end.

Though, that doesn’t explain his “If gay marriage becomes legal, I will personally lead the armies of righteousness against the Government!” Or that “Lost Boys” was written in 1992…

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