Upsetting Day: V the Musical

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7 replies on “Upsetting Day: V the Musical”

Damn I swear sometimes your writing is so sharp it cuts the bullshit out of my brain and leaves only your scorching hot wit.

This is! Such a sacrifice of sanity, for no one. Are you ok, author??? Who threatene you into reviewing the goddamn /v/ musicals?
As someone who was once into this sht and then deradicalized myself so hard i came out the other end of the spectrum, this article was a painful, cringig reminder of my past.

That’s so awesome! You did something really impressive. Thank you for both making my day with that tidbit, and y’know improving the world with an improved you. Also giving me hope for the future.

Am I the only person who saw the title and had been hoping the tv series V had been made into a musical?

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