Nerding Day: POPular TEEN-AGERS

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5 replies on “Nerding Day: POPular TEEN-AGERS”

So you got to figure based on the history of comics that these were either written by 55 year old former copywriters or 17 year old very much unpopular teen-agers (which I read in Hank Venture’s voice every single time) like Stan Lee, either of which would explain so, so much.

That last page is indeed real. First saw it years ago on the now dead website Superdickery.

Butch Dykeman, and Toni Gay…need to straighten up. That either didn’t age well, or aged -exactly- as the writer intended.

I thought Seanbaby had prepared me for the madness of old-timey comics, but this is something uniquely deranged. Damn you, The Past!

I was not expecting any of these stories to be entirely motivated by rampant horniness, and am flabbergasted and intensely intrigued that all goddamn four were.

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