Nerding Day: Skeleton Warriors

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9 replies on “Nerding Day: Skeleton Warriors”

The degree to which I enjoy Merritt K articles is itself evidence of dark powers at work. Skeletonize my funny bone, bold 90s archeologist!

Fuuuuuck, I was just about to say how I wanted someone to buy me the rights to use as the vehicle for a Harryhousen-esque live-action reimagining but the car crash ending has taken with it my dreams.

When I was a kid I stole my friend’s Skeleton Warriors skeleton warrior toy because it was so super badass and i wasnt allowed my own. Sorry Andrew.

I say we need a reboot of Skeleton Warriors. But to bring it up to date, it’s 13 22-minute episodes of people beating Gary Goddard with random large bones.

For an article about fleshless skeleton monsters striving to cast their world into eternal darkness and slavery from which none can escape it got real dark at the end.

I absolutely love the off the wall bangers Merritt comes up with here. I know I look forward to the strange finds pulled from the weave of history.

I had a couple of the action figures as a kid. Thank you for informing me about where they originated; I had no idea!

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