Podcasting Day: It’s a Royal Knockout with John Bull 🌭

In 1987, Meat Loaf, Christopher Reeve, Mr. Bean, Walter Payton, and dozens of other celebrities and athletes you would not fucking believe teamed up with the British royal family to bumble and slop through poorly planned obstacle courses. Depending on which royal you ask it was either quite silly or exceedingly important, but everyone agrees it was a catastrophe. Just a neverending volcano of expensive confusion. To help us make sense of it, and holy shit did we need it, is historian and Englishman John Bull.

You can hear us describe Meat Loaf chasing a human onion here! Or wherever you get podcasts.

Podcast novelization cover by Brett Ellefson

4 replies on “Podcasting Day: It’s a Royal Knockout with John Bull 🌭”

Holy crap there really is nothing you guys won’t cover is there?!?!? Royal It’s a Knockout…you guys are goddamned maniacs – even The Queen hated this and refused to be part of it. I can’t wait to listen to this later…

I’m waiting for the episode where you discuss something so insane that it had to have been made up. I thought this was it, but somehow it’s not.

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