Learning Day: The Truth About S.T.D’.s

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10 replies on “Learning Day: The Truth About S.T.D’.s”

Fleeing from grim reality, I choose to believe that Doc Davis made a pledge to keep rewriting a sex ed text over and over after a syphilis diagnosis, like that schizophrenic painter and his cats, and this is at about iteration twelve.

FYI, that painter’s name was Louis Wain. He got a biopic recently called The Electric Life of Louis Wain where he was played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

What I’m trying to say here is that I hope Benedict Cumberbatch plays Doc Davis in a biopic.

I know this is the least weird thing about this, but why does he believe that you don’t need to hit Space after a comma or colon?

A space after a comma is a LIE,invented to get rich like the evil poison rabies shot they tried to sell me after I fucked all those bats! You see,typography isn’t an exact science were you can just look at the page to see if there’s a space after a comma or a colon. Even the most expert typologists were trained to do one thing:imagine in their minds whether there was a space after a punctuation or not without looking. Only the worlds smartest typologists,12 in all including myself,know this amazing fact:and now you do too! Your welcome! Stop wasting your time and health on uneceessary spaces and orgasm freely,friend!

That man is fucking that plane, change my mind. I mean, why else would they be together on the cover of an STD book?

Severe and persistent mental illness is part of my profession and I’ve never seen such a perfect example of a manic phase published.

Seriously! From the sudden digressions and bad jokes to the absolute certainty that he is blowing your mind and changing your life to the insistence that he has proof that he never gets to because it’s not actually important to him, they could use this as a training manual for mental health workers.

The only thing that’s different from how it would play out in person is him insisting on bringing his discovery to higher and higher authorities any time he gets any questions or push back on his breakthrough.

“Now,I have a surprise for you. Surprise! That’s it.”

This is solid, I’m going to try it out on my kids tonight.

Can I assume the reason we’re not touching his repeated use of “global” is because we’re all just taking the antisemitism as read?

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