Podcasting Day: Theodore Rex with Tom Reimann 🌭

Today we’re joined by podcaster, comedian, one half of Gamefully Unemployed and archeologist of the mid-1990s, Tom Reimann, to discuss Theodore Rex, the buddy cop dinosaur movie Whoopi Goldberg lost a lawsuit over. Hollywood lawsuits happen, what makes this one notable is that it happened before Theodore Rex started filming. Whoopi correctly thought it looked like garbage and tried to tastefully bow out, so the producers sued her for 20 million dollars. They eventually settled and the show went on, but that means this entire film was performed under threat of legal action. It was basically Whoopi Goldberg’s parole. You can feel that reluctant spite in every single second of Theodore Rex, a movie where every part of the movie hates every other part. It’s beautiful. This is not the poster Theodore Rex got…

But it is the poster it deserved.

Podcast illustrated by Brett Ellefson

One reply on “Podcasting Day: Theodore Rex with Tom Reimann 🌭”

I honestly thought the dinosaur was doing a perfect Rudy Ray for about 4 seconds, then I was in tears.

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