Learning Day: The 2023 NHL Draft Lottery

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6 replies on “Learning Day: The 2023 NHL Draft Lottery”

i was with you all the way until you hated on the octopus. getting kicked out for throwing an octopus on the ice and coming back in with a second ticket is a proud detroit red wings tradition

To be fair, Vlasic had booked the room for most of the afternoon to announce the launch of their Hot ‘n Spicee Cajun Dills, and the NHL had to scramble to peel off a lot of masking tape to get the pickle posters off the drywall.

By the numbers, I think it is evident that Alex Schmidt is the hot dog jock king, even when karate is miscategorised as a sport rather than art/spiritual mode of being. And before someone tries to bring up Pierce Brosnan as contradictory evidence like a real asshole, consider this: Brosnan’s most lasting cultural impact was as the cover model for the Goldeneye videogame (a kind of e SPORT).

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