Podcasting Day: Baywatch’s Scorcher with Dan McQuade 🌭

I’ll handle the podcast intro today, boys. I’m sure you can tell from the zany tuba sounds that follow me wherever I go, but I’m actor Jeff Altman! I, of course, played Fred Rachins, Dennis Kosowski, Don Brand, Ed Symes, and Special Agent Dudley Dawson, all on the hit show Baywatch. And today back on the Dogg Zzone is Defector’s Dan McQuade to discuss me. I’m going to listen to it here, but it’s anywhere you get your podcasts!

You may not remember this, but Baywatch was a relentless show with a love of plotlines and no regard for resolving them. If you’d like to watch along with the Zzone Boys, they’re talking about Season 07, Episode 05: “Scorcher!” You know this, but it’s the one where I jump on a bomb, attack an underwater wedding, faint at a birth canal, and accept a gift of tiny pants. If you’re having trouble following along, I made this helpful episode guide!

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I suspect Baywatch wasn’t actually a drama series: it was a sketch comedy series masquerading as a drama. When you look at it that way the show makes a lot more sense. The music video in every episode is like the music guest in SNL, and all the disjointed plots jammed in are actually skits never meant to go anywhere but simply end in a punchline.

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