Punching Day: Swerved

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8 replies on “Punching Day: Swerved”

I’m hoping Eddie Kingston does well in the G1. I’m also hoping that Vince stays on medical leave until he eventually gets arrested and charged, but I feel the first thing is more likely.

As someone with a giant chibi sticker of the real Mad King, a poster I made by blowing one of his photos from the Players’ Tribune and adding a lazy Basquiat crown on the Uncrowned King rattling around, and a couple cherished pictures from an old CHIKARA show, I am pretty sated with Kingston’s performance. He had a winning record and had absolute bangers with Ishii and Takagi, plus he has some good STRONG Open challengers coming out of it.

Tom Green was interviewing people with poop on his microphone a full 15+ years before this show.

No, I don’t know what the point I’m trying to make is.

I love absurd wrestling stuff and Dennard’s takes on it are always so good. The analysis of the match Sandman had while on LSD is still an all-timer.

I Will have to make my own is/feels fake/real chart with my friende some day. Looking forward to placing all the religions and political standpoints. Where would a hotdog place anarchism?

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