Nerding Day: Branson on Stage

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I remember in high school we were playing Branson and this wiry little dirtbag rich kid Danny had gotten gulled into a keeper game with a deck he’d haphazardly gathered through deeply discounted boxes from his dad’s store. He’d have all these OP but dumb cards, like the Yakov Smirnov hologram foil or that Soupy for President insert, but no strategy organising the efforts.

Still, he’d been whipping ass for weeks and being a fucking prick about it obviously but he didn’t know that Craig had been to the Saskatoon tourney and had placed, getting that con-only exclusive Tabuchi hair switch-around card that makes your opponent lose all their banjoes and have them replaced with Moonriver Blood Tokens that are -8/-3* have to be made by ripping up your hand and the next ten cards of your decks.

Danny lost he mind, obv, right in the middle of the cafeteria at lunch. He tried to flip the table, forgetting that it was attached to the benches, and then started trying to ultimate warrior shake it but most of the rest of us were pretty heavy so it didn’t do much to mix up the played cards. So Danny instead clumsily flappered some of them to the floor but it was mostly his own and he started turning purple mad and embarrassed and he finally found the sense to just bail.

Christina Tabuchi is Shoji’s adopted step-daughter and Dorothy’s actual daughter.
I only mention this (or know this) because if you look them up, the Google page for Christina Tabuchi doesn’t mention her mother at all, and only says she’s the daughter of Shoji.

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