Punching Day: A Big Bad BeetleBorg’s Christmas

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7 replies on “Punching Day: A Big Bad BeetleBorg’s Christmas”

Maybe you purposefully cut around them, but it doesn’t look like there is any dancing in this christmas musical!? Maybe some marching and waving your arms around, but Diana (😇🥲🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼) performing a soft shoe across the stage that turns to tap when she puts on the heels should be – along with a big stagecraft car crash – the tentpoles on which a proper musical would be based.

And I guess there was probably no audience, right? Because of the ongoing plague? Because I think it would have been very special to include shots of the guy from Bon jovi’s kid and the rest of the crowd enjoying the program, along with some of the backstage cast work, like in Magic Flute.

I really do wanna read the Beetleborgs article at some point 😅 That said, Dennard might be my favorite writer on this site at the moment. Hard to say, given the massive talent on display.

Well Christmas did come early with some of the hardest hitting Dayle on 1900 Hotdog this week. Was it the Christmas we wanted? Maybe not, but it was the Christmas we deserved.

The truly horrific things you all continue to find and spin into comedy are staggering.

Pretty sure that’s the second Sanderson reference you glorious bastard. One of us, one of us….

“But jesters and mortality are the only torments royalty face” I couldn’t simply scroll onto the next article without acknowledging how hard this line goes. My favourite single piece of writing in an article, and entire website, packed with incredible jokes and writing.

It really brings across the feeling of how the existence of Diana: The Musical, let alone experiencing it, gave the author an understandable psychotic break.

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