Nerding Day: Law & Order SVU’s Gamergate Episode

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4 replies on “Nerding Day: Law & Order SVU’s Gamergate Episode”

Because one of my compulsions is adding an epilogue to every article on this site with comedy-less Canadian cultural information, here is the Canadian Heritage Minute on Marshall McLuhan:

He says the thing!

Also, it is wild that Dayle put out the CM Punk/Mariska Hargitay comparison jusssssst too late to beat Punk’s dismissal with cause.

I read Especially Heinous: 272 Views of Law & Order SVU and now I’m just staring up at the night sky

I was so absolutely stoked for this article I split it over the course of three days, a work of true hilarity. That line “Mariska Hargitay has built a fortress outside of time.” Just killed me.

I’m glad to see the stupidest nonsense get such a well-deserved skewering, I eagerly await more Dennard Dayle awesomeness

> The villains aren’t 4chan lurkers: they’re Batman villains.

Oh shit, *that’s* where I recognize the title from.

Batman: Intimidation Game was the working title of Batman Begins.

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