Podcasting Day: Hardcase with Lydia Bugg 🌭

It’s Podcasting Day! And this week on the Dogg Zzone 9000, we are joined by our own Lydia Bugg to discuss something you should never find further information on: Malibu Comics. We all read Hardcase. It’s the story of a reluctant superhero, but not reluctant because of morals or ethics. He’s just a coward who doesn’t know how to fight and also has a busy schedule getting bullied as a wealthy movie star. You’ll hate him! Listen here, or wherever you get podca–

Hardcase had super strength, invulnerability, and no regard to where his wild jumps might take him. He fucking sucks! And Sean found the blog (o-rama) of Hardcase’s writer, an unpleasant man who died ranting about Taylor Hicks and White Replacement. Malibu Comics was not the first publishing company made up entirely of sex criminals, fraudsters, and racists, but it will always be the most ’90s. So the next time someone says you’re toast, tell them forget that noise– you’re the one making breakfast.

Real, Actual, Unaltered Footnotes:

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