Learning Day: Pop & Unlock the Power Within

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8 replies on “Learning Day: Pop & Unlock the Power Within”

Breakdancing is stupid. Floors are dirty! That’s why we wear shoes dumb dumbs. We don’t have shoes for our spinning backs and hats are NOT shoes so they don’t count.

As a lifelong RPG player, I know that having ‘wind’ and ‘lightning’ as separate elements is pretty lazy. Shouldn’t the last one be poison or darkness or something?

I like when the fifth element is just ‘The Void’. it always sounds like they know where theyre going with this, and it always disappoints. Noone has a good idea for it

To locals, you can just say “Sedona” as shorthand for New Age woo.

I took a philosophy class at NAU (in nearby Flagstaff) some twenty years ago and whenever the professor started talking about metaphysics he would qualify it with “I don’t mean that in a Sedona way.”

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