Upsetting Day: Mac & Devin Go To High School

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2 replies on “Upsetting Day: Mac & Devin Go To High School”

Its 2012, so Snoop is 63 years old at that point and white people even older than that loved him already, but he still has the time to do literally everything all the time. Shows up to Dynamite to do an elbow drop off the top rope (just hilariously bad because he is 8 feet tall and eighty-six now) and then that night directs a porn, sleeps three hours and wakes up to rap three lines of a new Comedy Central series’ theme – two of which are the show’s title – into a phone in a helicopter heading to Martha Stewart’s compound for mimosas, running lines for a Dorito’s spot, and to make a deal with a Chinese industrialist to lower production costs on their joint Target line of CBD health and lifestyle offerings by redefining childhood’s end at 10. The man half-asses so damn hard it is amazing.

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