Nerding Day: The Book of Vile Darkness

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4 replies on “Nerding Day: The Book of Vile Darkness”

Ah, I vividly remember the vacation I got this book on, excitedly leafing through all the edgelord supervillainy and extremely boring Monte Cook attempting to be philosophical.

Shout-out to Greg Stolze for doing this kind of book, but actually well. Strong recommendation for A Dirty World, Better Angels, and Unknown Armies!

I mean he looks an awful lot like Skeletor from the end of the Gary Goddard film, but I can see why you wouldn’t go there.

I got a lot more entertainment out of Book of Exalted Deeds when I was a teen, getting into D&D for the first time. It’s full of useless, broken garbage. I distinctly remember that it turned “being poor” into a superpower, flying in the face of anything that might be considered “game balance”.

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