Teamworking Day: Punsteria

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9 replies on “Teamworking Day: Punsteria”

I feel like the dude who gets his heart ripped out in temple of doom, and has to look at it with the simultaneous realization that hes still alive and magic exists, and that hes missing a heart and about to be burned alive.

I had no idea this monstrosity existed until i was already laughing at an article making fun of it… i dont know how to feel now. Usually the Hot-Dog will escavate inert detritus long forgoten in order to generate jokes, bit this is like finding a silver lining in the ongoing lead poisoning of your water supply.

Take my shable. i can look at a pie never again

Hey, look at it this way – at least STAR ROARS isn’t the worst compendium of Skywalker jokes anymore. That’s pretty Luke-y!

> This is like saying, “Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7, 8, 9, 10, pee on me!”

That’s more or less the formula of my little brother’s knock-knock jokes, when he was 3 and hadn’t quite worked out the mechanics of a knock-knock joke yet.

Is it possible that the Luke Peacock suit is a pun specifically about me, Luke Pennock? Did I do something wrong?

That picture just made me realize we could have had Brian Blessed as Luke Skywalker, a stark refutal of Leibniz’s theodicy. You might argue that it would lead to Mark Hamill as Prince Voltan in Flash Gordon, but the possibility of him and Sam Jones trying to out-Golden Retriever each other would still make the other universe come out on top

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