Nerding Day: Foamy the Squirrel

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8 replies on “Nerding Day: Foamy the Squirrel”

Oh shit, i remember this, and i cant believe its still going. We really are all imprisoned, hu?
case in point:
This article makes me realize, Dennard is clearly overqualified for this, but we’re decades past the point when that meant anything, so we get to keep enjoying his weekly comedy. Does that make us the other prisioners who benefit from Andy Dufresne wrongful imprisonment alongside with them? Yes. Yes it does.
thank you?

Dennard you wild son of a bitch how did you knock directly on my door like this. For my sins, and having at the time been in precisely middle school and willing to watch almost anything you could passibly call ‘animated’, I may still have an actual god damn Foamy the Squirrel cd somewhere. Which means I tangibly contributed to this bastard still being at this today.

Legitimately, I use Foamy the Squirrel to keep myself getting mat at children for liking things I don’t understand. Because you know what. Skibidi Toilet or whatever the sam hell isn’t Foamy the Squirrel. Or my other personal albatross keeping me from deciding good media coincidentally peaked when I was 13-25, ‘Drawn Together’.

God damn I forgot about the ‘other’ squirrels.

Foamy is still very fun. Reading this was fun. But foamy fun, not quite. This is too serious. But rude. I get it tho. Guy went to Princeton, gotta overthink.

… weird. I have the vaguest memory from my childhood of working really hard on a newgrounds cartoon about steve irwin getting kicked out of a burger king because his dick wouldn’t stop farting, and being really upset when I didn’t win any of the weekly awards, so I made a wish on an evil genie that “the edgy chipmunk dude in his 30’s who beat me for a newgrounds trophy with his clutch cargo ass bullshit cartoon and shitty dennis leary impression” would be “cursed to do it forever in a purgatorial nightmare of his own making”

probably unrelated

On May 24th of 1844, following the completion of the Baltimore-Washington telegraph line, Samuel Morse inaugurated its operation with the very first long-distance telegraph transmission in North America: “WHAT HATH GOD WROUGHT.” 155 years later, Tim Gorman used this same message to mark the end of all commercial telegraph operations in the United States.
I expect that in the year 2158, Foamy the Squirrel will finally, at long last, complete a similar arc, it’s cry before God implicit if not stated outright.

When I first saw the article I thought “Oh wow, I remember Foamy from the early 2000s. This will be a trip down memory lane-it’s still going…”

Those confederate books look absolutely haunting…I’m going to look them up and pray they’re not real. I can see how that would be the only force that would compel you to keep reviewing/watching/reading Foamy.

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