Learning Day: Night Watch

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6 replies on “Learning Day: Night Watch”

William Devane! Always willing to show up and do a great job in his role without caring one bit about whether anything else makes any sense!

This interview has a great bit from him about how casual he can be:

WD: Crumbs! We had a lot of fun doing that. Yeah, that was fun. It could’ve been good. Jane Curtin was my wife on that. I thought we actually had the more interesting story.

AVC: Hadn’t her character just gotten out of a mental institution?

WD: Had she? I didn’t think so. But I don’t know. I usually only read the lines that I have. [Laughs.] Maybe she did, and I just didn’t know it!

Hey, Ice Station Zebra rules. Patrick McGoohan is like if you took Pierce and replaced all of his charm with different grumpy faces.

I haven’t read this yet, I just know I’m in for a good time because I saw Pierce Brosnan with terrible facial hair in an article by Alex Schmidt.

I haven’t even started the article, but I had to say it’s always a good day when Alex comes in to learn us some Brosnan.

I love Alex’s writing, because he’s so earnest that you forget that he’s also a genuinely hilarious guy right up until he drops comedy gold like “The New James Bond grew a Bee-Gees head.” I was not okay for several minutes after reading that line, and actually laughed again just typing it into the comments here.

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