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8 replies on “Punching Day: EMERGENCY D. SQUAD ETAL”

My stroke get a stroke just for being in close proximity of this article. HUMBEEEEE

I’mma start giving myself little first prize rosettes at work. Can’t ever have enough rosettes

I sucked in air when I first saw “Jewdeath”, and was waiting for it to become terrible in a different, non-hilarious way. Then he just sort of…forgot about her? I mean, I’m not completely writing off the possibility of nutcase Texas ammophiliac having an abrupt antisemitic spike, but it occurred to me that he really just tried to write “Judith” in a lame 90s Image Comics xxxHARDCORExxx style, and it having any sort of potential problematic reading honestly never occurred to him. You can’t point to a single page of this comic and say “Planning and self-reflection went into making this”.

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