Learning Day: I Hate You!

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4 replies on “Learning Day: I Hate You!”

I worry that some of these plans will take so much time that I won’t be able to maintain my anger levels and might reconsider and wuss out. I appreciate a fellow angry man screaming that he hates me on the cover though to provide fluffering inspiration.

When was this published? The cover screams ’70s to me, but the “tips for getting revenge” concept feels early 2000s, while the writing has a weird olde-timey quality to it, like the reader is pranking someone on the way to the pedestrianism match. Plus, I’m pretty sure the only thing I know about alum is that Bugs Bunny used it in a few Looney Tunes shorts.

I loved the full article, it was funny as hell, but I specially liked the Photoshop diagram, how it escalated the lunacy of the prank. Please Dennard give GIMP a chance and make more of this.

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