Nerding Day: The Day the Clown Cried

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10 replies on “Nerding Day: The Day the Clown Cried”

In fairness to Jerry Lewis, I believe it’s implied that, stricken by guilt, the clown accompanies the children into the gas chambers to die alongside them.

…What the fuck did I just say?

Jesus Christ that was bleak. One thing I’m absolutely sure of is that if this movie ever gets a wider release outside the confines of the Library of Congress, more than a few critics will break their ankles in the rush to be first to declare it the most brilliant thing they’ve ever seen.

This might be the first deep dive into the film that doesn’t mention “You know, Harry Shearer claims he saw a private screening of this at a party.”

I felt like I had a pretty good handle on the various “Days” around here and then somehow this wasn’t an Upsetting Day and I feel like my whole world has collapsed.

I think of Upsetting Day as one of those Magic Eye puzzles. It’s always there in the background, waiting to pop out when you focus on the wrong thing (in this case, the Holocaust, apparently)

I’ll give Jerry credit, he did realize that his half-baked idea about a sad clown in the holocaust is somethimg that people shouldn’t watch. Whether this decision was made out of artistic reasons, or just self-preservation, good call.

But, he loses a lot of credit for not realizing this until after he made it into a movie.

Long after, as I understand it. The story I heard was that the people who wrote the screenplay, and still held the copyright on it, prevented the film from being completed and released; Lewis kept trying to finish it for years (in addition to holding private screenings like the one Shearer saw). It was a long time before he decided it was a bad idea and shelving it was the right call.

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