Punching Day: Pro Wrestling Finishing Holds

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8 replies on “Punching Day: Pro Wrestling Finishing Holds”

I could no shit do another 500 captioned stills of judo and mando not quiiiite fucking and I still wouldn’t feel like I’d read enough of it.

I thank Napoleon Blownapart for my understanding of the ending dedication, and I thank the Dogg Zzone for introducing me to Mr. Blownapart. Great work all around as always.

This is tremendous. So many of the books that show up here get about three pages before you realize the whole subtext is “let’s find a way to bring the spirits of Roy Cohn and J. Edgar Hoover back to life so we can terrorize sad 12 year olds in the name of Christ.”

This one is just pure joy and lack of judgment. Everyone is just a collection of eye sockets, a larynx, and some pressure points, and everyone gets to wear a pair of form fitting wrestling trunks!

I expected nothing less from the man who “allegedly” caused Steven Seagal to shit his pants. Out-fucking-standing!

“You’re doing very good Mando! Your poses on the leg choke in which I pressed my dick against your face and on the one I sensually bite your neck have been very professional. Now let’s get ready for the next submission: rear choke with four fingers up your opponent ass while you furiously masturbate him”

Jesus Christ, the ancient PC game screens are brilliant. The mustache one had me laughing like an idiot.

I was honestly wondering what the hell Gene Motherfucking LeBell was doing on this hotdog website. Now I realise that a martial arts book written by someone who actually knew what they were doing is so impossibly rare that it must be a product of the Wrong Dimension.

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