Learning Day: Jim Limber Davis, A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House

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4 replies on “Learning Day: Jim Limber Davis, A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House”

I just really want to be petty out of hate, so I’m going to note that Rickey Pittman’s long hair is very dry and poorly conditioned. I would highly recommend strangers go up to him and touch his hair unprompted to see how polyester it feels.

The description of Jefferson Davis grabbing his guns to go defend Richmond and then ending up getting captured… somewhere… is stretching a lot of fabric to cover up the truth.

Sort of like Jefferson Davis was captured on the run, not defending Richmond, while stretching his wife’s clothes over himself to try to avoid detection.

This is the account from 1865 of how it all went down. Revisionists have tried to write it off, not because they have any evidence, but because of course how could anyone trust Union soldiers, they must have made it up.

The revisionist defense of Davis basically comes down to saying he wasn’t wearing a dress, just women’s outerwear, so how dare anyone suggest he was running away in women’s clothes?????

That’s one point of view, but Hulk Hogan and his talking speedboat say otherwise. And if you can’t trust a bad 90s knockoff of about a dozen different 80s shows, what can you trust?

If I had to defend the system that created haunting images of maimed children, I might reconsider my world views. I definitely wouldn’t have the awareness of these crimes be portrayed as more of a bad thing then the crimes themselves.

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