Podcasting Day: Dirtbag Jeopardy! 🌭

On today’s very special roboquiz edition of The Dogg Zzone 9000, we invite back friend-of-the-🌭 and host of the Secretly Incredibly Fascinating Podcast with Alex Schmidt, Alex Schmidt!

The rules are simple: Brockway and actual-Jeopardy!-champ Schmitty face off in a game of Jeopardy! reprogrammed by Seanbaby in the Weiner 2600, only they’re not facing off, many of the rules have been changed, and the stakes could spell doom for all of us. It’s not simple at all! Listen here, or wherever you fart-sound, arooga your earholes, ba-boing sliiiiide whistle!

After the show, Patreon hot dog champions and better can listen to the bonus podcast featuring Seanbaby and Alex really struggling with an action-packed episode of That Guy From Airwolf. It’s all games today, so if you like fun: subscribe and review! Slide whistle us on Fart Sound!