Podcasting Day: The Animal Kumite 🌭

This Podcasting Day we’re tackling a meme a month out of date because we’re former Cracked employees and some habits die hard. We invited Katie Goldin, the host of Creature Feature and all around animal lover to ask her: Which animals could you kill in a fight?

She should have spat in our eyes and dove out a window, but instead she stayed and had wonderful insights on the ancient art of Man vs. Animal kumite. Here’s the poll that started it all, and it’s hard to tell who’s crazier: The 28% of people who think a rat could knock them out, or the 6% who think they could wrestle a grizzly bear into submission.

Katie brings up a few excellent points during this podcast. Like just how big a wolf truly is, especially when compared to the Husky, which is Wolf Lite.

Even their skulls are on a whole other level:

Here’s the eagle Katie thinks could take down a man, even though Brockway thinks it looks like a rich middle school bully he used to know.

And finally here’s the spider that Sean barely defeated in hand to hand combat, and only then after it crippled his best friend.

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