Podcasting Day: Bigfoot Shootout! with Drew Toothpaste and Natalie Dee 🌭

This week we’re talking to fellow ancient internet comedians Drew Toothpaste and Natalie Dee, who created every fourth thing you found funny on the internet for the last 20 years. They currently host the podcast Everything is Real, where they discuss paranormal phenomena with the thesis “hey, fuck you – what if that’s real?” 

Naturally, we wanted to talk to them about bigfoot. Fightin’ it, to be specific. If you’re looking for that peacenik trash about bigfeet being gentle psychic aliens from another dimension or whatever you are actually still in the right place, because we do talk about that, right before we open fire. 

We’re reading through Gray Barker’s BIGFOOT SHOOTOUT! 

We can’t sum it up any better than its most helpful review on Audible.

We read through every single page of this book and they shoot at bigfoot on every one, usually multiple times with multiple weapons. They might use a cannon at one point. This reviewer is right, there’s a lot of new age bullshit in here… and it’s all running for it’s fucking life.  

But we get that’s not enough for hardcore bigfoot fighting enthusiasts, who will accept nothing less than frontline reports on the open trench warfare Ohio is waging against the bigfeet. Anything but wholesale bigfoot slaughter might as well be a chakra gaping orgy at a doobie smoking new age convention, and that’s coming from us, who believe in murdering bigfoot. 

This write-up is over because BIGFOOT GOT OUR GUNS.

Artist’s rendition by Brett Ellefson