Podcasting Day: Bigfoot Lives! with Drew Toothpaste and Natalie Dee 🌭

Bust out your best demon crystals and the fancy guest space goblets, we’re going Bigfoot hunting with Drew Toothpaste and Natalie Dee! Natalie and Drew basically created 20% of the internet. They make comics, videos, albums, memes – between the two of them they’re responsible for Toothpaste for Dinner, Natalie Dee Comics, Married to the Sea, Da Share Z0ne, and Kompressor. Yes, THE Kompressor. I know! They’re current hosts of the excellent paranormal podcast Everything is Real at their site, Garbage Brain University. Clearly, they’re the perfect partners for a ‘Foot Hunt.

Some of you fear commitment. A Bigfoot can smell when your heart isn’t in it, and he will crystal you so fast. You need to know coming into this that we’re doing a two hour and fifteen minute podcast about a 65 page book called BIGFOOT LIVES! AND HE IS AN IMMORTAL MAGICIAN LIVING DEEP BELOW THE EARTH’S SURFACE.

We could do an hour on that title alone.

Bigfoot Lives! starts at terminal crazy velocity and somehow breaks the laws of crazy physics to continue accelerating. You will be recruited into the demon crystal war.

You will learn of the nearly infinite subspecies of Bigfeet, and the drunk children who draw them.

You will master a powerful set of psychic signature moves and learn how to best stack them to maximize your DPS.

You will think “Wow, that really is crazy! I wish they hadn’t given it all away in this post.”

You will realize how foolish that statement was when you meet Star Wizard and the Portal Children. The hunt starts now!



And he is an immortal magician living deep beneath the earth’s surface!