Podcasting Day: BIGFEETS! A New Hot Dog Podcasting Experience 🌭

This here’s BIGFEETS! The ONLY podcast that searches for, finds, and nearly suicides at the hands of a different species of bigfoot every single episode. That’s right: We’re launching a whole new podcast. Robert Brockway is joined by golfcart buddy Seanbaby, and best-selling author and bigfootist Jason Pargin to watch every single episode of the cryptid-hunting reality TV show, Mountain Monsters.

The Dogg Zzone 9000 has covered the hillbilly bigfoot show, Mountain Monsters, twice before. Think Ghost Hunters meets The X-Files but starring whoever you can find on a Tampa Greyhound at 2AM, and all done on a budget of whatever we find under the seats of this Tampa Greyhound redeye. The crew, of course, finds and nearly traps an actual monster every single episode. There are eight million subspecies of Bigfoot in West Virginia alone, and our Mountain Monster boys will nearly die in a shallow creek trying to catch them all.

Let’s meet those noble hunters willing to sacrifice up to one afternoon and part of an evening to film the search for, and attempted destruction of, the bigfoot race!

Trapper! The leader of the crew, but not the trapper, don’t be stupid. That’s just his name.

Huckleberry! Security. Not kidding, that’s his official job. He provides Bigfoot security and falls down modest hills in the line of duty.

Jeff! Researcher! Research, in this case, means finding a deep woods hillbilly by the side of the highway who’s willing to improv about bigfoot for up to 7 minutes.

Buck! The Rookie, he’s here for comic relief like: standing by a tree, smelling a jar, keeping his job at the gas station!

Willy! The trapper. All Trappers begin life as Willys and slowly mature into Trappers, at which point they stop trapping to make way for young Willys. Nature is beautiful.

Wild Bill! You’re high as shit! Get out of that tree you are an old man and you are going to die.

Bigfoot! He’s there almost every week, and when he’s not, his friends take his place. Mothmen, chupacabras, possessed wolves, evil doppelgangers of the Mountain Monsters crew! No creature is too stupid or non-existent for Mountain Monsters, and no episode is too sad for BIGFEETS to discuss like its real media and not a prank on the Travel Channel’s budget line auditor.

There are nine seasons of this. At least nine seasons. You can watch along with the BIGFEETS boys on Max, and that’s it – it’s not popular enough to pirate! Featuring art by Brett Ellefson which truly catches the chemically manic spirit of Mountain Monsters.

And sweet, soulful theme music by Jamie Kelly which truly catches the Bronx spirit of Bigfoot – one of the most dangerous subspecies of Bigfeet.

New episodes of BIGFEETS drop every other week, so follow and subscribe here, or wherever you get podcasts. Much like Bigfoot, who’s squatting in a nest by the side of a West Virginia Highway, BIGFEETS is surprisingly easy to find. Also like Bigfoot, we will not be caged by crude boxes made of lumber and chickenwire. Try harder.