Podcasting Day: Behind the Corey with Jason Pargin 🌭

It’s Dogg Zzone 9000 Day, and we invited our dear friend and bestselling author, Jason Pargin, on to promote his next book, Zoey is Too Drunk for This Dystopia. You can pre-order it now! Jason is a brilliant veteran of multiple media industries and can speak with expertise on any number of topics. We chose Corey Feldman. Listen here, or wherever you get podcasts!

Corey “The Comeback King” Feldman is entering the fourth decade of his music career which long ago merged with his sex trafficking career, and he usually waffles between obscurity and humiliation. A Corey Feldman performance is like a car crash because you can’t dance to it and there are girls who need to be rescued. He is living proof that fame, ambition, titties, hard work, and a cutthroat attitude might still get you nowhere. Of the cast of The Lost Boys, he only has the seventh best band and the eighth best sex cult.