Podcasting Day: Compu-Toon with Dennard Dayle 🌭

This week we’re joined by academic, acclaimed author, regular newsletter rememberer and fellow Hot Dog Dennard Dayle. We’re discussing a newspaper strip called Compu-Toon, by what is ostensibly a man named Charles Boyce. I say “ostensibly” because I can, I went to college for words, but also because there’s no way this exists.

Reality tells me this is a single panel comedy comic strip about technology, but I have issues with every one of those words in regards to Compu-Toon. Our universe has the balls to insist this strip has gone on for forty years, and has been published in 150 major newspapers. There’s no way. Nice try, the Matrix, but I’m pulling out the feeding tube now.

Not a single Compu-Toon can be explained. Each and every panel strips nude and fistfights logic to a standstill. So for this podcast, we’re playing a game: If we can even guess at what the fuck Compu-Toon is talking about, we get one point. If we actually think we get what the joke is supposed to be, we get five points. If we find that joke funny, we tender our resignation to the site and step onto the ice floe.

You can play along at home! Here are the 20 strips we’re discussing in order. Don’t jump ahead, or the Charles Boyce mind virus will rewrite your neural pathways to only speak Compu-Toon and you’ll die trying to eat a laptop.

My god, did you make it all the way to the end? Amazing! Now here’s what your scores mean:


It was never a game, it was only to keep you engaged while the Boyce virus transmitted. Charles us on delete, Boyce us on trend app!

Podcast COMPU-TOONIFICATION by Brett Ellefson