Podcasting Day: Shrunken Heads with Max Booth 🌭

This week on the Dogg Zzone 9000, we’re talking with horror author and publisher Max Booth, of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and Ghoulish Books. Max is the author of perfectly bizarre horror books like Touch the Night and Maggots Screaming!, so obviously we needed to talk to him about the 1994 shrunken head movie, Shrunken Heads

I know what you’re thinking: Is this really about shrunken heads though? The answer is yes, and then several more yeses! 

There are shrunken heads, way more than you want, but there are lightning powers and voodoo cops too, and some second base action and nerd zombies and holy shit, there are multiple Elfmans including, briefly, Danny, there’s a Fonzi Meg Foster, there’s some war crimes but they PROBABLY didn’t mean it, there’s a maidenhead, an intact maidenhead! I’m not explaining this right, 1994’s Shrunken Heads, do you want to take over for me?

Motorboat us wherever you get your podcasts, and then motorboat us a second, much longer, much more uncomfortable time in the reviews