Best of 2023 – Michael Swaim

2023 is the year 1900HOTDOG finally got Michael Swaim in the comedy draft. He’s only just begun to Hot Dog, so we only have five articles from him total. And yet somehow each of them are his top five best of 2023! We’re so glad to have Swaim, he’s brought a lot of unique hilarity in his quest to process childhood trauma through the lens of a broken Laserdisc player.

Fucking Day: XXXenophile

What do Magic: The Gathering cards and fucking have in common? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, Michael Swaim discovers.

Upsetting Day: Jan Svankmajer’s Alice

One of the most retold stories is Alice in Wonderland. It’s been done so many times that you really need a good hook to make the effort worthwhile. So how about the mutilated corpses of actual animals? Has anyone done Alice in Wonderland starring mutilated animal corpses? Oh, they have, in this article? Dang, what about goop? Is there goop in it? THERE IS???

Upsetting Day: Bad Mojo

Bad Mojo may not be the only art about processing familial loathing through roach-based PC gaming, but it was definitely the first. And actually we just checked: It is the only. It is crazy nobody else wanted to do this.

Learning Day: Liberation and Let There Be Light

Swaim loves his dad, but they have a complicated relationship. Let’s explore that using the traditional therapy technique of cones and orbs. How does cone make you feel? Orby?

That’s fucked up.

Learning Day: Batman Digital Justice

Computer art was once considered ridiculous faux-futurist pap created by and for super nerds. Batman: Digital Justice is why we thought that. And why we were right to do so.