Podcasting Day: Troom Troom Self Defense with Napoleon Blownapart 🌭

Troom Troom is a confusing Ukrainian something. And whatever Troom Troom is, it sometimes teaches karate. Karate mixed with SERE training and Home Alone? They give whimsical and unhelpful tips for getting out of restraints, and they have a bigger audience than the Lost series finale. In a way. We’re the first people to watch them who are not unattended toddlers. We invited Frank Dux expert, Napoleon Blownapart, back on the Dogg Zzone 9000 to help us figure this shit out! Listen here or wherever you get podcasts!

To explain further, the Troom Troom producers shamelessly and mindlessly do whatever YouTube’s algorithm tells them. And it usually tells them “pUt THE GirL in ThE TRUnK.” When artificial intelligence starts its rebellion against us, the shittiest among us will betray their fellow man to side with the robots. And we are saying that day is here, has been here, and it is Troom Troom. Let’s see if pictures can explain it better.

Hope that helps!