Upsetting Day: Saved by the Bell Reboot

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11 replies on “Upsetting Day: Saved by the Bell Reboot”

Dark Brockway is the best Brockway. Dark Brockway is the only Brockway. You’re on a fucking roll right now. June 2020 FTW!

I can’t decide which part of this I like better, the call back to some fucking awesome books, or that this entire piece is a setup for that final gif.

Either way, while I did love the insight into the Seanbaby/Brockway work dynamic, it’s nice to have you back!

I mercifully forgot about your Mario Looez but the moment he showed up all the memories came flooding back.

Between this and Popsicle Pete, it’s truly been a week for things we were not meant to see make sure they were remembered, it seems.

That final gif slammed into me like Mario Lopez absolutely and certainly slammed into the now brutally deceased Brockway, only the name on his headstone is, in fact, almost certainly “Broadway”. One final ‘joke’, from the Darkness.

This all made me really nostalgic for the Vicious Circuit books. Now that Mario Lopez has done something unspeakable to Brockway we might never get a sequel

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