Learning Day: How To Manifest Your Desires

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9 replies on “Learning Day: How To Manifest Your Desires”

I had a simple dream to curse everyone in my city so they know not to fuck with me before they even start, and now I have to go stare at my target to frighten them with my magical powers? If I had the nerve to stand up to my bullies, I wouldn’t be peeing in this jar right now.

Listen, if I paid attention to warnings I wouldn’t have a city that I need to curse as quickly as possible!

I see the first illustration for a curse and thought “dude is getting Thinnered.”

One more thumbswipe later and boom! Its like you, me, and the checkout lady with the mustache frim Dollar Tree are all on the same wavelength, right? She said to tell you your case of pickles is in, btw.

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