Upsetting Day: Ceto’s New Friends

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6 replies on “Upsetting Day: Ceto’s New Friends”

Great review! Just stopped in to point out that the purple rock makes more sense when you fast forward to their tween years. A certain popsicle war criminal introduces them to its true power and, well, you can imagine how useful that purple parent silencer becomes! Good times!

What’s most upsetting about Upsetting Day is that there’s an upsetting two day delay in Hotdoggery.
I… Don’t know how to live without this.

This is by far the best $5 I’ve spent all month. can eat a dick! A friend of mine was telling me the mineral store in town has a problem with “customers” coming in feeling up the rocks and stealing all there energy. Which how can you can even tell?

“Hey, Kent. Send these gems back to the distributor. Those jags ripped us off! I can’t read anyone’s mind. How else can you explain Sarah slapping me in the face when I showed her my penis. I was certain her thoughts said she wanted to see it.”

We’ll anywho keep up the good work.

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