Nerding Day: ThunderCats Live!

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7 replies on “Nerding Day: ThunderCats Live!”

The sexual tension between Lion O and Gumby is fucking palpable. Where else to turn when foam crotches just won’t do it for you anymore? Sure, a casual night with a Silverhawk after the buffet at Shoneys and a liter of Fireball back at the Days Inn. But everyone regrets everything about SilverHawks. Everyone. So what next? Amphibians? Nope. You go straight to that sweet, green clay. I have it on good authority that Gumby’s a generous lover.

When I was a child, I fucking loved Thundercats. It was entirely reruns because 90s, so I didn’t even know toys of it existed and none of my friends had cable to see it, but I watched it whenever I goddamn could.

Seeing that play would have probably made me hate Thundercats, unless at some point in the play, Lion-O cut Gumby in half. Would be totally possible – put a little person on stilts and hope the other actor’s a good aim with a sword.

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