The Penetrating Saga of The Penetrator 🌭

There’s a popular book series called THE PENETRATOR, who is sort of like if the Scottsdale police tried to make their own James Bond out of plumber DNA. The books are so short and readable that two PENETRATOR novels are often collected in one paperback the publisher calls a DOUBLE PENETRATOR.

That’s the only important thing you need to know about THE PENETRATOR, and the rest of this article is just examples of how insane the PENETRATOR novels became once they got into the high 100s.

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You could have easily gotten 13 days of content out of this. And we would have thanked you for it, Seanbaby. We would have fucking thanked you for our daily Penetrator! Man, that came out exactly as weird as it sounded in my head.

You even found Penetrator #113, the only issue with cover art featured Paul F. Thompkins wearing clothing!

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