Punching Day: Steven Seagal’s World of Warships

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10 replies on “Punching Day: Steven Seagal’s World of Warships”

That last person to comment is going to be hunted down by Seanbaby, and I think I know just the album he’ll be leaving at that crime scene…

I’m logged in to patreon but suddenly unable to view articles. What kind of fresh hell is this??!!??!?! Can anyone hear me???!!?!!

I can hear you, still happening? What does the error look like, and have you tried logging out/in again, clearing cache/cookies/history, force reloading the page, all the old classics?

I’m having the same issue. Was using duckduckgo so there are no cookies or cache, but I tried in chrome as well, same result. No error message, it just takes me back to the prompt to unlock with patron. Today’s Minecraft jokes article is visible for me, but the two days prior are not.

Ps it’s also not showing the required contribution level to unlock, which is a change from what was displayed in the past, in case that helps

Turns out Cam’s problem was payment related. Double check that your payment went through. Patreon is completely fucking crazy about payments – one month you’ll be fine, the next they’ll flag you as funneling weapons to terrorists and deny your payment even though you’ve changed nothing. Since you can see Minecraft, and Minecraft was one of our public-facing pieces for the week, that seems like it might be the same issue? I hope you see this!

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