Probably True Stories of ’90s Action Stars Giving Script Notes 🌭

During the ’90s, all the best action movies were assembled from five different scripts and trying to be thirteen different things. This meant catch phrases and deranged one-liners would appear with no warning or setup as if they came from a completely different film. It was the best. We all know Con Air was written by dressing researchers up as the devil and asking schizophrenic patients to watch breast implant surgeries, but who caused all the strangeness in those other ’90s movies? I should also mention the casual, whimsical racism because it’s going to come up. So ends the thesis statement of this, another 1🌭900🌭HOTDOG masterpiece:

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There absolutely are casino airplanes. They are just called…

Money Plane.

Starring Edge and Kelsey Grammer. Not suitable for sentient beings ages 51 and down.

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